Established in the year 2015. We have discovered that the human body lacks some essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Hence, the founder is motivated to further bring these essential vitamins and minerals into products line. Focusing on CLEANSE, BEAUTY and HEALTH. Besides of having our facial and body appearance more and more beauty, our health also becomes better at the same time. Collaborate with professional R&D Team and nutritionist, strict and quality production, we want our customers to get the best and correct products with a peace of mind as they are all made by 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS which are safe and effective for our body, and 100% free of side effects.

All raw materials sourced are high in quality and produced with patented technology from various countries. On top of that, all our products have been going through a strict lab test, recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and certified by KKM too. Therefore, providing our customers with high performance, high quality products and the safest products are our main AIM.

We will continue to improve and develop more natural health foods that meet the health needs of consumers, aiming to improve people’s physical fitness, enhance the quality of life, and to bring more natural pure happiness.

No artificial sweeteners.
No colorings.
No flavorings.
No preservatives.
No hidden ingredients.
No shortcuts.


Everyone can be perfect!
A little step each day ends up to the perfect self.


  • Produce and import top quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Provide the purest, safe and most effective products through nature, science, latest technology and innovation.
  • Affordable and reasonable price with the best quality and effective products.
  • Help each of our customer to achieve their desire health and beauty inside out.


At AWP Wellness, we believe that we are what we eat. Given proper nutrition and lifestyle, our body is capable of maintaining itself at an optimal health condition and performing self-healing.

  1. We are here to give you what your body needs, in a natural, creative and non-invasive manner.
  2. To provide the most natural form of beauty and wellness products available that does not harm the environment and the consumer.
  3. We are committed to create safe and effective products with superfoods for your beneficial needs.


Catherine Tan

“I was born with G6PD deficiency. Later in life, I found out that I am Thalassemia inheritance and having Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Therefore, I need to be very careful and aware about what I am eating and using, to prevent allergic and harm to my body.

This is the reason why I am passionate about beauty and nutrition since I was young. I want to learn more about how to provide the right nutrients naturally to enhance beauty and health at the same time. I still clearly remember that when I am in my early 20s, the most unforgettable moment is, my skin was once very sensitive and pop out a lot of red dots which cause me don’t have confident at all to meet my friends. I keep it to myself and never show anyone about this including my best friends. I have tried a lot of ways, using countless skincare bottles, buy expensive facial packages, drink beauty drinks, but sadly still no improvement.
I have to cover with thick concealer and foundation, every day.

Having gone through this miserable moment, I understand deeply that using the correct and giving the right nutrients for our body and skin cell to heal is the KEY. I start sourcing for the best natural products, dove into nutrition and embraced a wellness philosophy. It was a life-changing journey. My skin slowly recovering, went from super sensitive and fragile, to smooth and flawless radiant skin today. Furthermore, I am feeling energetic and healthy too without any medical interference. I used to be very pale and fall sick easily as I suffer from anemia due to deficiency of red blood cells in my body.

I strongly believe that beauty is not only applied on the surface but also inside out. We don’t have to give up health in exchange for short-term beauty. To ensure all products are safe, I have tried and tested every product at least 2 to 3 years before published.”

This experience led to an understanding of the importance of practicing dietary and lifestyle in accordance with the Law of Nature, a core belief on which the company is built.


  • Asia 100 Top Brands Honesty Award 2018
    Best Brand in Beauty and Health Category
  • Asia Honesty Product Award Year 2018
  • Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award Year 2018
  • Asia Honesty Enterprise Award 2018
  • International Prestige Award 2020
    Best Brand in Beauty and Wellness Supplement


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